Skin care for fall

With the sunlight and temperature changing, that means that fall is beginning to settle in around us. And as fall settles in, it’s important to change your skin care routine to keep your skin looking refreshed. So what should you do? During this time of year, your skin can

How to tan safely

With bikini season in bloom and the sun rays hitting the sand, we all think about that “ghostly” white winter skin. But did you know getting that glow can be dangerous? Tanning beds and laying out in the sun just aren’t safe. So what options do you have? Spray

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Show your appreciation for that special woman in your life, by giving the gift of beauty! All of our gift ideas will say “Thanks for always taking care of me, mom, now go take care of yourself!” When you purchase any product from Ageless Splendor, just mention it’s a

Complimentary Consultations

Ageless Splendor offers Complimentary Consultations for all our services. At your private, complimentary consultation our goal is to understand your aesthetic (or tattoo removal) objectives and give you a careful and honest assessment. We will show you before and after photographs, answer all your questions, talk you through the

All about sunscreen

Yes we preach sunscreen, but do you really know why? Let’s dive into learning all about sunscreen. (Article from What is sunscreen? Sunscreens are products combining several ingredients that help prevent the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) radiation from reaching the skin. Two types of ultraviolet radiation, UVA and UVB, damage

Dark Pigment Removal/Age Spots

Brown spots on the skin may often be perceived as a sign of aging, like fine lines and wrinkles. Freckles may have been cute when you were a kid, but now these melanin deposits are looking more like the aging remains from too may days lounging in the sun.